Hydraulic Cylinders for various applications constitute one of the important product in our range.

We make all types of hydraulic cylinders like Tie Rod, Welded flange, Clevis, Central Trurinion, etc. The size varies from 25 mm to 600 dia bore WP upto 350 Bar.

The cylinders have honed bores & hard chrome plated Rams with well designed bearing rings. The piston & ram seals are extremely durable and easy to maintain and replace.

Single - Acting, Double - Acting & special composite cylinders to customers need are all in our range. We make cylinders to ISO 6020 & other Standards.


Hydraulic Power Pack

Power rating from 1 HP to 300 HP and Hydraulic Flow Volume Rating from 1.5 LPM to 300 LPM and pressures upto 315 bar designed to suit the needs of the customers application. We can give total control solutions integrating the hydraulic power packs & actuators with the state of the art PLC controls and sophisticated sensing elements like Pressure Transducers, LVDT, Linear Potentiometer, Proximity sensors etc.


Power Pack  


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