50 Tons Horizontal Baling Press
100 Tons Horizontal Baling Press
200 Tons Horizontal Baling Press

Our 200 Tons Horizontal Scrap Baling Press for baling of aluminium extruded sections having complete automatic cycle for baling, door opening & closing, door locking, ejection etc.


20 Tons Vertical Cotton/Paper Baling Press

Paper/Plastic and other light material scrap baling press with top mounted power pack unit and automatic controls


20 Tons Drum Crushing Press

Most ideal for drum crushing operation with protection guard door arrangement.


30 Tons Drum Crushing Press

Scrap Baling presses of various tonnages & sizes are available in both horizontal & vertical versions. These are very useful in compaction of steel scrap, Municipal Solid Waste, Aluminium extruded end sections, cotton, plastics, drums, etc for disposal.


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